Discover the Power of Gmail Fax

gmail-faxDo you want to fax from Gmail? Although we’re still far from having a Google fax service developed by the search engine giant, you can take advantage of current technology to send and receive faxes from Gmail.

Whether you are looking to make faxing cheaper or increase productivity, you will find email fax to be a valuable tool to communicate better and faster. In this guide you will learn how to get started in just a few minutes!

Are you ready to get started?

How to Send a Fax From Gmail

Faxing from your computer is fast and easy; below we have written a step-by-step guide that will help you send your very first Gmail fax!

  1. Log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on COMPOSE to create a new email message.
  3. Attach the digital document you want to fax by clicking on the paperclip icon on your Gmail compose window.
  4. Add the fax number on the TO field, followed by  So for example, if you are using RingCentral Fax, it would be
  5. Use the Message field to enter the text you want to appear on the cover page.  Some services also come with a handy cover page designer.
  6. Press SEND.

Once your fax has been sent, you will receive an email confirmation.  In the rare case the service finds an issue during the transmission, it will re-try sending the fax automatically, to ensure the fax is received.

What Do You Need?

  • A Gmail address: Almost anyone has a Google mail address these days, but if you don’t, you can create one very quickly at  These addresses are free to obtain, so it is a good idea to create a new Gmail address to keep things organized.
  • An email fax service.  These services help you take off the work from faxing, letting you send email to fax and providing features that save you both time and money.  But the most important thing is that they give you a virtual fax number. This number doesn’t require any form of physical setup and is ready to be used in minutes.  You can get started with an email fax service for free.

What Are The Best Gmail Fax Services of 2013?

Choosing a good Google fax provider is essential to reap the full benefits of email faxing.  Below are the top-rated services of 2013. They are easy to use, don’t have hidden fees and let you test them with a fully-featured 30 day free trial!

ringcentralThis is our favorite service because it offers a good balance between price and features.  Getting started takes only a few minutes and you can pick local or toll-free numbers in USA, UK and Canada.  This is a powerful and easy to use service, with plans starting at just $7.95 per month.


efaxEfax has two plans, with the lowest starting at $12.95 a month.  It isn’t the cheapest option available, but their service is top-notch and better suited for companies that rely heavily on fax communications.  Efax has the best mobile integration with an app capable of sending and receiving faxes using iPhones and other smartphones.


nextiva Integrating Internet fax in your office doesn’t have to be costly and Nextiva is a perfect example of this.  They have the lowest priced plan, costing just $4.95 per month. They have also the lowest overage fee, at 3 cents per additional page. Despite its price it has pretty useful features, such as integration with Microsoft Office applications.


myfaxMyFax offers a big list of compatible file types you can fax from Gmail, letting you fax directly without having to make digital conversions. You can opt between a local and toll-free fax number at no extra cost and their basic plan is really affordable (at just $10 you can send/receive 300 pages per month).  I love this service’s feature of being able to fax internationally to different countries at no extra cost. It’s great for beginners.No contract, setup fees or hidden fees!


How Do I Receive Fax On Gmail?

The easiest part of faxing from email is receiving faxes.  This is a completely hands-free process that takes place automatically whenever someone sends you a fax through your virtual fax number.

Incoming fax images travel through speedy fax servers, which convert them into digital documents.  As a result, you receive fax as PDF in your Gmail inbox.  Once there you can sort your faxes, organize them or even forward them via fax or email. Thanks to special mobile apps, you can also receive faxes traight into your iphone or other smartphones.

We recommend having a separate account for faxing if you want to keep your communications in order.  You can read more about receiving fax on Gmail here.

Why You Should Make the Jump to Google Fax

Reduced costs. You can find services for as low as $4.95 per month, and you don’t need any special equipment of physical installation for them to work, just your Internet connection.  The services we recommend let you start with a 30 day free trial.

Speedier faxing. Faxing by email is extremely fast.  Sending and receiving a fax takes around a minute, and most of the process takes place in the background.  There are also useful features designed to reduce even more the time you spend faxing, such as scheduling, broadcasting and even smartphone integration.

Reliability and Security.  Forget about paper jams, busy phone lines and faulty machines.  These are problems that belong to the past.  Online faxing is reliable and it ensures your documents stay 100% secure during the transmission process.  As a matter of fact, all email to fax services are required to follow security and privacy regulations.

Helps the Planet.  We all must do whatever we can to help the environment, and using email fax is one of these things.  It reduces paper and supplies consumption, which results in less waste.

Features That Make Faxing a Breeze!

Scheduling – Need a fax to be sent at a specific time and date? Simply set up your fax using the service of your choice and it will be automatically delivered when you want to!

Mobile integration – Some services have started offering for free mobile apps that allow you to send and receive faxes from your smartphone. You will receive an instant notification whenever a new fax arrives your Gmail account, and you can even compose and send faxes using your phone’s camera!

Fax to multiple recipients – This feature is a huge time saver. It allows you to send a singe fax to many numbers at one. you do this by separating each number with a colon or semi colon in Gmail’s compose window. It’s the same process as sending an email to many people at once.

Fax confirmation and reports – About a minute or two after you send a fax, you will receive a confirmation message. You can also use the web dashboard to keep tabs on all your fax communications.

Electronic signature – If you need your faxes to be signed, there’s no point in printing them, signing them and then scanning them to fax over the Web. Simplify the process with the electronic signature feature and simply drag your digitized signature to the documents you need to fax.

Cloud faxing – Now you don’t need to upload documents from your computer to send a fax online.  You can simply “pull” them from the cloud, from services such as Box, DropBox and Google Drive.  Just authorize the fax service to access your cloud account and you are ready to go!

Is There a Way to Fax from Gmail Free?

Even though you won’t find a free service that will let you integrate fax with Gmail, you can fax totally free of cost by signing up for a 30 day free trial with one of the services we have reviewed in this site.

These free trial accounts come with all its features activated, including the ability to receive faxes via a virtual fax number and send the amount of faxes you can send with a standard package.  What’s better, you can cancel it at anytime if you don’t want to continue using the service.

Signing up for a free trial account is the best way to test out email to fax technology, especially if you have never used it before.