Can I Send Fax from Gmail?

fax-using-gmailThe speed and power of the Internet has changed the way we communicate with each other, and one of these ways is through faxing.  If you’ve faxed sometime in your life, you may know that it typically requires you to have a dedicated line and a fax machine. Things are different now. You can replace a traditional fax machine with the power of email fax. So, “Can you send fax from Gmail?” Of course! and here you will learn how.

How to Fax Via Email Gmail to a Fax Machine

To start faxing through Gmail you need to have a working email address and a service that lets you link a number to this address. I recommend RingCentral Fax as they offer a 30 day free trial and is one of the most user-friendly services out there.

Back in the day you needed to download and learn how to use complicated software to fax from your computer, but now things are easier, to the point that anyone can start using email fax technology, no matter what their technological expertise level is. Internet fax companies take away the hassle of faxing through PC software and help you send faxes as if they were common emails.

The file you want to fax will be included in the email message as an attachment. So if you want to fax a Word document, you simply attach the document to the message and the service will identify this as the content of your message.

The process is really fast and you only need a few steps to complete it.  You can follow along our Gmail fax guide to start faxing in just a few seconds! Numbers will also be handled in a different way with this technology.

Instead of entering just the number on the TO field, you add the domain provided by your service (in the case of RingCentral, you would need to add at the end of the recipient’s fax number).  This will let the service know to which number forward the fax once it has been converted.

Can I Send Fax Via Email Gmail for Free?

Yes, but the only way to do it is through one of the free trials offered by Gmail fax services on the market.  You can use services free of charge for 30 days, which will allow you to use a Gmail connected to a virtual fax number. It’s a great way to try this yourself without risk. There are pages that allow you to fax from free online, but these services can’t be linked to Gmail or even give you a virtual fax number, which means that you won’t be able to send or receive fax using Gmail. You can send the occasional fax with them, but know that they include a cover page with ads in each transmission. If you are just trying this way of faxing out and want a service that you can get started with for free, I recommend taking a look at RingCentral Fax or Nextiva, both services very friendly for those who want to fax for free and see how Google fax works. Whats better, the free trial is fully featured which means you will be able to enjoy faxing at its fullest.

Does It Work Faster than Traditional Faxing?

It’s multiple times faster than using a fax machine, this is one of the main benefits of using an online fax alternative.   Sending a fax is just a matter of filling out the required text fields when you compose your email message, attach the file and wait for the confirmation message.  It shouldn’t take you more than 3 minutes to do all this from your office or your home. Once you press the Send button, your fax will arrive its destination in about a couple of minutes.  This is much faster than using a fax machine and you won’t need to deal with busy phone lines and paper jams on your side, which is always a HUGE plus.

What Types of Files Can I Fax from Email?

Services work with all the common file formats out there, and some of the less known too! Among the ones you will find in all services are DOC, TIFF, JPG, BMP, XLS, PDF, TXT and variations of them, but there are also many more file types worth taking a look at.  If you are going to send less common files as faxes, you should consult with the file format compatibility list of the service of your choice. This information is usually found on the FAQ section of their websites.

How Do I Receive Fax Using Gmail

Receiving faxes with Gmail is the easiest part of the whole process.  Once your address is linked to a fax number when registering with a service, incoming faxes will arrive automatically to your inbox, as well as to your web fax dashboard where you will have a backup copy just in case (the length of storage depends from service to service). There are also additional options when it comes to receiving faxes.  Let’s say that you are away from the office and need to receive and review faxes.  In this case you can simply download a fax app on your iPhone (if your service has one) and not only receive instant notifications of incoming faxes, but also review and forward them on the go.  Faxes will still arrive Gmail at all times.